Industry + Berlin

We are currently building Werkraum, the Berlin based design unit of Viessmann, a family run market leader in sustainable heating, industrial and cooling systems and a pioneer in the German “Energiewende”.

You want to join us to create the world of tomorrow? We are hiring excellent designers of all kinds. See below.

How we are working.

Everyone is talking about Design Thinking at the moment. So are we. It is just how we work: with the user in our mind from the beginning until the end of the journey, with a lot of brainstorming, prototyping, testing, and of course, fun.

However, we also think that Design Thinking is not a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why we adapt it to our specific needs in a traditional industry, as well as develop the methodology further every day, until it becomes a relevant cultural component of our day-to-day work.

What we are doing.

User Research

We design for our users, so we need to understand them first.

Interaction Design

There is so much information we can interact with. We sort it out.

Interface Design

They are everywhere, so better make them nice.

Motion Graphic Design

Film is the medium of the future. We take part.

Graphic Design

We like a clean visual language. The world is complex enough.

Industrial Design

We offer a lot of hardware. And are known for its design.

We've been @ DMY 2016

Viessmann Werkraum sponsored this year's DMY. Our stand gave young design talents a stage to present their work. In Design Thinking workshops we challenged the status quo together with students, visitors and professors.

Job Openings

We are hiring designers and user researchers. Please see our job board.

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