Say hello to our Team

Viessmann Werkraum has a growing team of hungry designers from different backgrounds.
For us, bringing Viessmann together with Berlin's creative scene just makes so much sense!

Furthermore, we design for sustainability. This fits your aspirations?
Then check our open positions and apply for a position in our team.


Wenke Förster

Industrial Designer

All good things come in threes. Wenke is our latest member of the industrial design team. Graduated in Engineering and Design she ensures that fantasy and feasibility go hand in hand. If you struggle to solve a problem: ask Wenke and you will together find a solution how to make it.


Kathrin Stumpe

Graphic Designer

Kathrin is our graphic designer with a keen eye on illustration. She will create the perfect icon for any topic you ask her for. Studying in great design nations like the Netherlands and Denmark, she is a passionate devotee of minimalism and monochromy. Besides being a designer she surrounds herself with (too) many plants.


Moritz Rose

Design Lead

Moritz is our design lead. Coming from industrial design and with substantial industry experience, he is now leading Viessmann's design operations. Check "John Vida" to learn more.


Michael Hirt

Motion Designer

Micha is our motion designer. He focuses on visualisations in moving pictures, animation, motiongraphics, vfx.


Erik Berndt

UX Designer

Erik is an UX designers. As a self-taught designer with degrees in Psychology and HCI he designs on data. Don't ask him about tools, he might never stop talking.


Joaquin Castillo

Graphic designer

Joaquin is our graphic designer, specialized in branding and illustration. Born in Ibiza, he has basically lived and worked everywhere before joining us in Berlin. If it's a strong and clear visualization you need or a detail-loving isometric landscape: Joaquin will help and he'll definitely make you leave with a smile.


Felix Klingmüller

Industrial Designer

Felix gained profound experience in both, industrial as well as user experience design before joining VC/O. He is now refining the Design Language of Viessmann's hardware products, bridging digital and physical user experiences.


Daniel Becker

Industrial Designer

Daniel is an industrial designer. After graduating he opened his own studio for lighting and furniture design through which he gained international publications and won design awards. At VC/O, he is responsible for Viessmann’s spatial design topics as well as the industrial design.


Maurice ten Koppel

UX Designer

Maurice is a our Dutch UX designer. Also an industrial designer by education, he now handles all digital challenges you throw upon him. And yeah, he codes.


Gökhan Kurt

UI/UX Designer

Gökhan is our UI/UX designer and consistency police of our digital screens. He studied visual communication design and focused on user interface designing. He is passionate about structured design and detailed executions.


Anne Fey

Design intern

Anne is Viessmann's first design student. Studying media design in Baden-Wuerttemberg she assists us wherever she can. Pretty flexible!


Toni Mamic

Graphic Designer

Toni is one of our graphic design workhorses, designing everything from digital to analogous contents. He is also our Berlin veteran, coming here long before the rest of the team.